Level Up

This library is a resource of collected resources that have been used to level up skills. This typically consists of challenges, tutorials, and other resources that have been used to learn a new skill or improve an existing one.



Question 1: Split level1.txt into single digits and sum them. Question 2: Split level1.txt into two digits sets and sum them Question 3: Split level1.txt into three digits sets and sum them Question 4: Write a function sum_digits that allows the user to input the number of digits to split on and sum them. What is the output for sum_digits(7)? (edited) Question 5: Write a function named secret_formula that takes 10 digits, ie 9437518524. Sum the first 4 digits, combine 5-6 and subtract them, combine 7-8 then divide, combine 9-10, then multiply. So the above example would be: (((9+4+3+7) - (5+1)) / (8+5) ) * (2+4) = 7.846… Split level1.txt into ten digit sets, run the secret_formula function on each set and rank them by output (highest to lowest). Multiply the first digit of the top 3 sets together.

Next challenge: In vimGolf, you start with a file and you have an ending file. You are attempting to make the file match the ending file in as few keystrokes as possible. You could totally do this challenge with emacs, vscode, etc. The point is to understand the power of the editor. Simple https://www.vimgolf.com/challenges/9v006283b31d00000000021d OK: 25 keystrokes Solid: 15 keystrokes Incredible: 9 or less

Hard mode: https://www.vimgolf.com/challenges/9v0063cb8c9c000000000248