Site Reliability Engineering Library

This library is a resource of collected resources that I’ve found helpful along with way of my journey, learning in site reliablity engineering.

SRE Articles

Monitoring, Logging, and Metrics Oh My


Chaos Engineering




Big Lists

Web Technologies

Performance Testing Tools

  • Jmeter - Free to use performance testing application
  • NeoLoad - Easier to use but pricey load testing tool
  • K6 - Load testing tool using javascript
  • Locust - Load testing tool using python
  • Vegeta - CLI tool written in GO
  • Oha - CLI tool written in RUST
  • Hey - another CLI tool
  • Artillery
  • DDosify

Visualization Tools

  • Kiri - Mindmap - Online mind map tool.
  • MindMup - Create public mind maps free
  • - Create sharable diagrams with this tool, confluence integration available.



Skills Valued in SRE

  • Analysis and Systems Thinking
  • The Ability to Communicate with Tech Colleagues, Support, Management, Business People and Stakeholders
  • Observation, Modelling and Note Taking
  • Curiosity and a Desire for Exploration
  • Tenacity
  • Empathy for the User
  • Business Domain Knowledge
  • Formulating Rational and Consistent Arguments
  • Persuasiveness and Influencing Skills
  • Common Sense