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This library is a resource of collected resources that I’ve found helpful along with way of my journey, learning in software testing.

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Text Tools

  • Letter Count - This tool will count the characters or words in a block of text. I use it for creating strings with a specific character count when I test text fields.
  • Bacon Ipsum or Lorem Ipsum Generator - I use this tool when I need to generate large amounts of text for text fields where a user will be able to enter several paragraphs of text.
  • Convert Case - This tool comes in handy when I’m testing with Postman and my assertions are expecting the exact casing for string comparison. Convert Case will set all the characters in a string to lower case, upper case, sentence case, alternating case, and more.
  • Big List of Naughty Strings - Thing a tester walks into a bar and orders (insert_naughty_string_here).
  • Bug Magnet - Chrome extension that gives your browser access to common boundaries and edge cases for exploring

JSON Tools

  • Pretty Print - JSON objects need indentation to be easily readable. This tool will take care of all of the indentation and spacing for you. This is especially helpful when you receive flattened JSON in a response and you want to be able to read through it.
  • Online JSON Viewer - This tool will flatten your JSON for you by removing all the white spaces, which is helpful when you need to use your JSON in code.
  • JSON Lint - I use this tool whenever I’m using JSON in a test and getting 400 errors. I paste the JSON into the tool and it will tell me whether my JSON is valid. If it’s not valid, it shows me the line with the error.
  • JSON Schema - Tool to generate and validate json schemas.
  • JSON Path - Tool used to validate the code needed to identify a json path, to get a value of a key within a json object.

Encoding and Decoding Tools

  • URL Encoder/Decoder - This tool is great for testing cross-site scripting. Simply paste in your script and it will encode it in valid HTML format for you.
  • JWT.IO - This official JWT documentation includes a tool that will decode a JWT. It’s really helpful for testing authorization, because you can see exactly what information your JWT is sending.
  • Base 64 Decode and Encode - When you have an image or string that’s been encoded into Base 64, this is an easy way to decode it.

GUID Tools

  • GUID Generator - I often need random GUIDs for my testing, and this tool will generate as many as I need.
  • GUID Test and Validate - I use this tool to check GUIDs to make sure that they are valid.

HTTP Based Tools and Proxies

Lots of Tools

Security Testing

  • BurpSuite - used to monitor HTTP traffic bug also has built in Web Vulnerability Scans for security testing

Performance Testing

  • Jmeter - Free to use performance testing application
  • NeoLoad - Easier to use but pricey load testing tool
  • K6 - Load testing tool using javascript
  • Locust - Load testing tool using python
  • Vegeta - CLI tool written in GO
  • Oha - CLI tool written in RUST
  • Hey - another CLI tool
  • Artillery
  • DDosify
  • Starting K6

Visualization Tools

  • Kiri - Mindmap - Online mind map tool.
  • MindMup - Create public mind maps free
  • - Create sharable diagrams with this tool, confluence integration available.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Risk Storming Game (Online)
  • Rubular - This is a regex editor that allows you to put in a regex, add a string to test, and find out whether your string matches the regex. It is specifically designed for Ruby but can be used with other languages as well.
  • NumVerify - This tool is helpful when you are testing international phone numbers. It lets you know whether a given number is valid, and which country it is valid in.
  • Online Random File Generator: When you need to test files of a very specific size, this tool uses random strings to generate a file with exactly the size you need.
  • 37 Sources for Test Ideas - List of Areas that may help spark an idea in order to find a critical bug.
  • Generic Testing Personas - Useful for helping you understand a specific user of the system your testing
  • Chrome Dev Tools - Great for using in exploratory testing, inspecting what is happening on a web page.
  • Mastering Web SCraping in Python
  • Testing Webhooks



Interesting Tools/Articles I want to investigate

VS Code Extensions

Skills Valued in Testing

Ten Skills that are Probably More Important for Testers than Tools and Test Automation. source by Paul Maxwell-Walters

  • Analysis and Systems Thinking
  • The Ability to Communicate with Tech Colleagues, Support, Management, Business People and Stakeholders
  • Observation, Modelling and Note Taking
  • Curiosity and a Desire for Exploration
  • Tenacity
  • Empathy for the User
  • Business Domain Knowledge
  • Formulating Rational and Consistent Arguments
  • Persuasiveness and Influencing Skills
  • Common Sense

Testing Quotes

  • automation should not be a pain to maintain - Butch Mayhew